Company - Voice Simplified

About Us

Our Past

Voice Simplified was conceived as an idea in 2012. Starting out in a small rented basement office in 2013, three colleagues got together to design and build a new way of delivering telecoms solutions to the market.

Frustrated by the restrictions of old legacy technology used in the established telecoms industry, we started to design and build a fully integrated solutions platform from the ground up. Our hands-on experience and the varied perspectives we gained from our different roles in the industry prepared us to face the many challenges we would have to overcome to create and deliver a seamless telecoms solution.

Our Present

We are always working on enhancements to our solution, and have a roadmap plan of new releases. Our ethos remains strong, ensuring our products and services are easy to deploy, simple to configure and enable the customer to make real time changes to their service.

We are actively looking for Microsoft Managed Service partners with successful Microsoft Teams deployments that need a cloud business telephony solution.

Our product and development team are flexible in their approach and, despite our extensive experience, we know that future development is driven by the challenges our partners and clients face.

Our Future

We have an exciting roadmap of new products and features. How are we planning on delivering this? By adding new infrastructure and people into the team, bringing in new technologies, skills and fresh ideas.

As a company we are always listening and learning. Listening to our customers and their needs as they adapt their business to an ever changing market.

Listening to our channel partners, understanding where the solution can make the most impact and benefit to them.

Learning from our suppliers, understanding the new technologies and tools they are developing so we can keep our solution at the very cutting edge of new technology.